Help Establish the first Islamic school in Osceola County, Florida

Support Izzadeen Academy's Construction

Izzadeen Academy is at the final stages of construction. With your support, the school will open for the School year of 2020-2021 Insha Allah. We humbly request that you contribute to the school's development by sponsoring one of the following projects.

  • Sponsor a Class Room
    Sponsor the cost of a classroom for $12,500. Includes a Smart Board, Students Desks, Chairs, Academic Books, Islamic Books etc. Total $125,000. 6 Classrooms already sponsored, only 4 more remaining.
  • Sponsor a Parking Lot
    Sponsor a "Parking Slot" for $1800. The school parking lot has 36 slots. 6 already sponsored and 30 slots remaining
  • Sponsor a Tree
    Sponsor part of Landscaping and help plant a tree for only $500. Total landscaping  cost is $36,000.  3  trees already sponsored, $34,500 remaining. 
  • Sponsor a Playground Shade
    The Playground Shade is costing $16,000. Please sponsor a part of it with a $250 donation.

Donate & Support Izzadeen Academy

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Please support by donating, and passing the message to others so we may be able to collect the funds and begin the foundation on this great project.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said "Allah, the angels, everything between the heavens and earth, the whales in the oceans, and the ants in the holes will be seeking forgiveness and sending blessings upon those who teach people" and he said "He/She who will begins a good deed, he/she will receive the reward of those who follow it" and last "when the son of Adam dies all his/her actions are gone except three, continuous charity, righteous son or daughter who will pray for them, and knowledge that will be beneficial to others."

Therefore, let us all invest with Allah, and try to complete this great foundation for the future of our youth for a better tomorrow, May Allah reward you all.

[ Ameen ]

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About Izzadeen Academy

By the mercy of Allah SWT, Izzadeen Academy is the first Islamic School aiming to offer Pre-K to 12th grade providing a comfortable environment for our children, teaching them Islamic values and lessons from the Quran, engraving the application of the Sunnah of our prophet in their minds, and promoting good citizenship.


Izzadeen Academy aims to promote Islamic spiritual and moral values based on the Qur’an. We are committed to providing students with a solid, accredited educational foundation in mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, Islam, and Qur’an.

  • Full-time Islamic School
  • Our focus on morals and character
  • Dedicated to Excellence
  • Academic progress is clearly the main purpose of the school
  • We aim to promote Islamic spiritual and moral values based on the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad.