Admission Key Dates

              Please stop by or contact an admissions specialist to discuss specific grade level availability, schedule a tour and discuss any special needs.


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2020/2021 Important Dates

  Month  Date   Day   Notes
  AUGUST  10   Monday   First day of school for students/ First day of 1st Grading Period
  SEPTEMBER  3   Thursday   Open House
  SEPTEMBER  7   Monday   Labor Day- Student holiday
  SEPTEMBER  18   Friday   Field Trip**
  OCTOBER  8   Thursday   End of 1st Grading Period
  OCTOBER  9   Friday   Field Trip**
  OCTOBER  12   Monday   Teacher Work Day/ Student Holiday
  OCTOBER  13   Tuesday   First of 2nd Grading Period
  OCTOBER  20   Tuesday   Picture Day
  NOVEMBER  11   Wednesday   Veterans Day/ Student Holiday
  NOVEMBER  23-27     Thanksgiving Break
  DECEMBER  3  Thursday   Field Trip- Kissimmee Police Dept.**
  DECEMBER  18  Friday   Last day of classes/ End of 2nd Grading Period
  DECEMBER  21-31  Friday   Winter Break/ Student Holiday
  JANUARY  1-4  Friday   Winter Break/ Student Holiday
  JANUARY  5   Tuesday   Classes resume/ First day of 3rd Grading Period
  JANUARY  18   Monday   Martin Luther King Day/ Student Holiday
  FEBRUARY  18   Thursday   Field Trip**
  FEBRUARY  19   Friday   Rodeo Day/ Student Holiday
  March  11   Thursday   End of 3rd Grading Period
  March  15 - 19     Spring Break/ Student Holiday
  APRIL  6   Tuesday   Field Trip**
  APRIL  12   Monday   Ramadan begins
  May  13   Thursday   Eid al-Fitr/ Student Holiday
  May  26   Wednesday   End of 4th Grading Period/ Last Student Day

About Izzadeen Academy

By the mercy of Allah SWT, Izzadeen Academy is the first Islamic School aiming to offer K to 9th grade providing a comfortable environment for our children, teaching them Islamic values and lessons from the Quran, engraving the application of the Sunnah of our prophet in their minds, and promoting good citizenship.


Izzadeen Academy aims to promote Islamic spiritual and moral values based on the Qur’an. We are committed to providing students with a solid, accredited educational foundation in mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, Islam, and Qur’an.

  • Full-time Islamic School
  • Our focus on morals and character
  • Dedicated to Excellence
  • Academic progress is clearly the main purpose of the school
  • We aim to promote Islamic spiritual and moral values based on the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad.